Abilkhanova Saltanat

Abilkhanova Saltanat

Contact details: asa_vidor@list.ru

Academic position: docent

Education / qualification: Kurmagazy Conservatory (Almaty), konzertexamen (Leipzig, Germany); organist,pianist

Direction of activity:teacher

Professional activity: concert organist,chamber ensemble soloist

Scientific works, publications (for the last 3 years): Organ arts of Kazakhstan: Traditions and innovation (05.05.2021.  Science and Education. Elibrary.ru)

Advanced training: European Organ Academy (2013,2015 Leipzig, Germany)

Progress: Excellent of culture,Honorary worker of education

Laureates: Abusagit Dilnaz 3 place (International organ competition,2019,Sankt-Petersburg,Russia),

Batyrzhan Tankeev 3 place (International organ competition,2021, Irkutsk,Russia),2 place (International organ competition,2021 Kurgan,Russia ), Akhmetova Kamilya diplom (International organ competition 2019, Sankt-Petersburg,Russia), diplom  ( International organ competition,2019, Irkutsk,Russia)

Foreign language proficiency: English and germany

Additionally information: foreign concerts- Russia, Karelia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Spain, Finland, Estonia, Slovakia, Germany