Dmitry Valerievich Ostankovich

Contact details:

Academic position: Dean of the Faculty of Musicology and Piano, Associate Professor.

Education / qualification: Kazakh National Academy of Music (2001), qualification – Composer, teacher. Assistant-internship KazNAM (2003).

Direction of activity: creative and pedagogical.

Professional activity: 20 years of teaching experience at the university. Author of a number of symphonic, chamber-instrumental and vocal works of various genres. Author and compiler of a large number of music collections and teaching aids.

Scientific works, publications (for the last 3 years):

  1. “The influence of globalization processes on the national culture of Kazakhstan. German composer Enyott Schneider. Article in the collection “Musical Art: Science and Education”, 2019
  2. Kazakh folk song (experience of modern processing) Article in the collection “Musical Art: Science and Education”, 2020
  3. “Disklavier – a multi-purpose tool for modern music education” Article in the scientific journal “Eurasian Science & ARTS” KazNUA, 2021
  4. “Dala Auenderi” a collection of chamber and vocal works by KazNUA composers.
  5. “Nazkonyr” an anthology on the material of Kazakh folk songs in the author’s processing for students of the specialty “Pop Vocalist” of the bachelor’s degree.

Advanced training:

  1. “Features of Yamaha keyboards.” KazNUA, Nur-Sultan, 2019 – 8 hours.
  2. “Organization of independent work of students in the context of distance learning.” NAO Training Center “Talap”, 2020 – 36 hours.
  3. “Organization of the distance learning process in technical and vocational education.” Educational and training center “Talap”, 2020 – 36 hours.
  4. “Distance learning: from the development of a lesson to the organization of the educational process.” National Center for Advanced Studies “Orleu”, 2020 – 40 hours.
  5. “Electronics in modern musical creativity and education.” International Center “Art and Education”, Moscow, 2021 – 24 hours.
  6. “Peculiarities of learning on the digital piano in the conditions of the modern musical environment.” KazNUA, Nur-Sultan, 2021 – 16 hours.



  • medal “15 years of KazNUA” (2013);
  • Letter of thanks from the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2014);
  • medal “20 years of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan” (2015);
  • Anniversary medal “Astana 20 Zhyl” (2018);
  • Certificate of honor from the Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2020);
  • Anniversary medal “25th Anniversary of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan” (2020);
  • badge “Madeniet salasynyn uzdigi” (2020);
  • Gold medal of ANC “Birlik” (2021).


International Competition for Young Composers “Samal”:

2019 – Bekbusinova G. (2nd prize), Zhumagali A. (2nd prize), Dospai N. (Grand Prix);

2020 – Zaitsev V. (I I I prize), Bagytzhanova M. (III prize).

2021 – Zaitsev V. (I I prize), Akataev Ardak (I I I prize), Bagytzhanova M. (nominal diploma).

International competition “New music generation”:

2019 – Dospai Nurislam (II prize), Utegenov T. (II prize), Abraev R. (III prize);

2021 – Bagytzhanova M. (III prize), Akataev A. (III prize).

International competition of composers “D-competition”:

2020 – Dospai N. (I prize), Utegenov T. (I prize), Zaitsev V. (I I I prize).

Republican student subject Olympiad:

2021 – Bagytzhanova M. (III prize).

Foreign language proficiency: Russian, Kazakh, English.

Additionally information:

Member of the Republican Council of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Belarusian Cultural Center “Radima” of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan in the city of Nur-Sultan.