Esanova Zhanna Perdakulovna

Esanova Zhanna Perdakulovna

Contact details: Е-mail:

Academic position: senior lecturer

Academic degree: Master of Art

Education / qualification:

  1. Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory, preparatory course (2004-2006), Almaty city
  2. Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory (2006-2011), Almaty city /a concert and chamber singer, a teacher
  3. Kazakh National University of Arts (2011-2013), Astana city, Master of Art

Direction of activity: Pedagogical activity

Professional activity: Kazakh National University , senior lecturer of the Vocal Art Department, for 10 years

Scientific works, publications (for the last 3 years):

International Scientific-Practical Conference “Vocal art of Kazakhstan: Its  Past and Present”, title of the article: “Three songs-three business cards of composer E.Rakhmadiev musical style”

Professional Development:

  1. Training seminar “Preparation of a report on a higher educational institution self-assessment within the framework of institutional accreditation”, Astana city, 2018
  2. “Improving professional competence of teaching staff of higher educational institutions in the context of transition of the Kazakh alphabet to Latin graphics”, Astana city, 2019
  3. “Modern communication technologies and tools in digital education and distance learning”, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian University, 2020
  4. “Vocal teaching: the development of singing voice using modern methods of teaching vocal art”, Russia, Volgograd, 2021


  1. International vocal competition “Romansiada”, 2010, Award prize winner,  Shymkent
  2. International competition of vocalists “Salve Regina”, 2018, 2nd place, Astana  city
  3. International Festival-competition “ART-DUO”,  2018,  2nd place, Prague (Czech Republic)
  4. “The best teachers of Independent Kazakhstan 2020”, Medal “For Contribution to Education”


  1. Republican Olympiad, 2018, II place – Yessengaliev Syrym , Almaty city
  2. International competition “Musical Astana”, 2018, III place – Alzhapparov Nurym, Astana city
  3. Vocal competition “Actors Sing”, 2018, II place – Samatuly Sherkhan
  4. Vocal competition “Actors Sing”, 2018, III place – Ayashova Akmaral
  5. International Vocal Competition “Salve Regina”, 2019, II place, Alzhapparov Nurym, Nur-Sultan city
  6. Vocal competition “Actors sing”, 2020, Nur-Sultan city, 
  • I place – Alzhapparov Nurym
  • I place Sabit Akzhol
  • II place – Aubekerova Ariana
  • II place – Shakar Marat
  • II place – Tleules Nurlybek
  • III  place – Shaizak Maksat
  • III place – Baltabayev Arsen

7. Republican Subject Olympiad, 2020, II place – Barlybayeva Rabiga, Almaty city

8. International vocal Competition “Salve Regina”, 2021, II place – Tomanov Ayan

Foreign language proficiency: Russian language

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