Ibragim Dana

Ibragim Dana

Contact details: Е-mail a.dana.t@list.ru

Academic degree: Master of Art Criticism

Education / qualification: Musicology

Direction of activity: pedagogical, research

Professional activity: teacher

Scientific works, publications (for the last 3 years): Concert and musical contest as the highest form of dualistic rivalry // Scientific trends: Philology, Culture, Art. Sbornik nauchynkh trudov po materiam XX international scientific and practical conference, Saint-Petersburg, Izd. TsNK MOAN, 2020. P.28-31; Traditions of musical competitions in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus // 11th Boranbaevsky readings: features of practical-oriented education in the system of artistic education in honor of the 90th anniversary of Erkegali Rahmadieva – Astana, 2021. P.27-31.; Toktagan A.A., Bazheneeva S.O., Ibrahim D.T., Maldybaeva R.S. Kazakh dombrova music and creativity Diny Nurpeisova // Problems of musical science. 2021. No. 4. S. 127-137; Kazakh aitys in the context of wealthy traditions of the peoples of the world // Musiqi Dünyasi. 2022. No. 2 (91). pp. 8-12.

Advanced training: advanced training course from RUMCDO on the topic “Relevance of the subject of ethnosolfeggio in musical education” in the amount of 80 hours, 2020; from the educational center “Talap” on the topic “Development and improvement of IT-skills of teachers” in the volume of 36 hours, 2020; from the national training center “Orleu” on the topic “Distance education: from lesson development to the organization of the educational process” in the volume of 40 hours, 2020.

Achievements: 2020-2021 winter season “Pedagog of the 21st century” Diploma I degree from RUMCDO, 2020, republican competition “Best Young Scientist – 2020”, Diploma III degree from the National Center “Education Civilization” 2020.

Progress: 2020-2021 winter season “Teacher of the XXI century” Diploma of the 1st degree from RUMCDO, 2020, republican competition “Uzdik zhas galym – 2020”, Diploma of the 3rd degree from the National Center “Bilim Orkenieti” 2020

Foreign language proficiency: Russian, English