Karekenova Dilara

Karekenova Dilara

Contact details: dilarakarekenova@gmail.com

Academic position: lecturer

Academic degree: Master of Arts

Education / qualification:

2007-2011 Music College named after P. I. Tchaikovsky (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

2012-2016 Korea National University of the Arts (Seoul, South Korea)

2016-2018 Kazakh National University of Arts (master’s degree)

2018-2022 Kazakh National University of Arts (PhD)

Scientific works, publications (for the last 3 years):

Topic of master’s thesis: Choral numbers in the opera “Alpamys” by E. Rakhmadiev: dramatic functions and performance features.

Topic of doctoral dissertation: Oratorios by G. Zhubanova: philosophy of ideological and artistic content.


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  2. Karekenova D. Theme women in G. Zhubanova’s oratorios // Bulletin of the Azerbaijan Conservatory. No. 1 (50). – Baku, 2021. – S. 37–46
  3. Karekenova D. The influence of the oratorios of Gaziza Zhubanova on modern Kazakh choral culture // Central Asian Journal of Art Studies. No. 3. – Almaty, 2021. – P.108–120.
  4. Karekenova D. Choral creativity of G. Zhubanova and the formation of the oratorio genre in Kazakhstan // Musicology: Art. Culture. Education. Materials of the First International Scientific and Practical Conference of the Institute “Academy named after Maimonides” of the Russian State University named after A. N. Kosygin. – Moscow, 2020. – P.52–59.
  5. Karekenova D. Choral creativity of G. Zhubanova, genre and style features // Science and Life of Kazakhstan. No. 5/1. – Astana, 2020. – P.357–361.
  6. Karekenova D. Oratorio “Tatyana’s Song” by G. Zhubanova, patterns of musical embodiment of the literary image of Abai-Pushkin // Music and Time. No. 10. – Moscow, 2021. – P.3-7.
  7. Analysis of the role of choral works in revealing the image of the characters of the Kazakh opera based on the material of the opera “Alpamys” by E. Rakhmadiyeva // International scientific and practical conference “VII Boranbaev readings: Scientific experience of art education: problems, experience, prospects”, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of KazNUA . February 9, 2018 239 pp.
  8. Dramatic meanings and performance features of choral forms in the opera “Alpamys” by E. Rakhmadieva // Scientific conference “International master’s readings” dedicated to the 20th anniversary of KazNUA. April 6, 2018.79 pp.

Advanced training:

“Innovative educational technologies and didactic models” 72 hours. Certificate. Nur-Sultan, 06/15/2020 / 06/26/2020 (online) Eurasian National University. L.N. Gumilyov


– II International Competition “Jumeirah Sounds” Grand Prix (UAE, Dubai, 2018).

– Grand Prix of the International Competition for Children’s Choirs and Choral Conductors “Abdinur Choral Competition”. In the nomination “Children’s choir” the head of the children’s choir “Eligay”. 12/20/2020

Foreign language proficiency: Kazakh, Russian, English and Korean