Kenzhebay Dyusembayev

Kenzhebay Dyusembayev

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Academic position: senior teacher,film director

Education: Higher, drama and film actor, 1977 – 1981 –Almaty State Theater and Art Institute  named after T. Zhurgenova

 Higher, director of drama, 1984-89 Almaty State Theater and Art Institute named after T. Zhurgenova

Direction of activity: film directing

Professional activity:

1981-1989 Theatre of Youth. Actor.

1988 – 1989 Acad. Theater named after M. Auezova – Director intern

1989 – He staged together with A. Ashimov the play “Meн ішпеген у барма?” author I. Orazbaev.

1989 – Graduation performance – “Love under the Elms” ed. Eugene O`Neal.

1989 – Director – Artistic Director of the Almaty Studio Theater

1994 – The main role in the film of the Sverdlovsk film studios “Golden woman”

1990-1991 – He starred in the film “Kozy-Urpesh-Bayan sulu” dir. A. Ashimov.

1991-1992 – Chief Director of the Guryev Theater of Drama. Named after M. Utemisova.

He staged the performances “Enlik-Kebek” M. Auezov and others.

1993 – 1994 The film studio “Kazakhfilm” them. Sh. Aimanova assistant director of the film “Love Station.”

1994 – Director of the film “Kara Bala” by B. Mailin. Kazakhfilm

1997 – 1998 – Director of the film “Akhbilek” (unfinished)

2000 – 2001 – Director of the television film “Kulpash”, “Kazakh Telefilm”

2002 – 2005 – Lecturer at KazNAI naved after T. Zhurgenova.

2006 – 2010 – TV channel “Khabar”, “El Arna” – director, producer, television films: “Shakarimdi zhokhtau” and others.

2008-2013 Lecturer at KazNUI

2011 – 2012 – Lecturer KazNAI named after T. Zhurgenova

2011-2013. Feature film “YT”, director

2014-2015 Feature film “Island” (Dameli), director

  1. Lecturer at KazNUI, Department of “Cinema and TV”, Astana
  2. Director – director of the play “Chaos” M. Milluaho. State Academic Drama Theater named after Gorky, Astana.

2016-2017 Lecturer at KazNUI, Department of “Cinema and TV”, Astana

2017-2018 Chief Director of the Theater of Youth Theater of Arkalyk

2018 Artistic Director of TTA.

2019 Lecturer, Kazakh National Research University, Department of “Cinema and TV”, Nur-Sultan

Publications in the newspaper Egemen of Kazakhstan interview “On the Law of Cinema”,

TV Channel Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Radios “Present and Future Cinema”

The article “On the nature of cinema”

Article “Creativity of Directors Bolot Shamshiev and Tolomush Okeyev and Kazakh cinema”

The book “The ABC of the filmmaker is being written

2019 KazNUI Republican Encyclopedia “Altyn Kitap the best employees of education and culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan certificate, Medal” Best in the field of culture 2019 year

Award “Best Screenplay” and Diploma ІІ place of the Republican Party “Nur Otan” for the screenplay “Aysulu” 2019 year

Лауреаттар (оқушылары) (лауреаттардың фотосуреттері)/ Лауреаты (ученики)(фото лауреатов):             5th year student Nargiz Iskakova Laureate of the Ushkyn festival in the nominations ‘Short films’, 2019 year

5th year student Kalmұkametova Aigerim Laureate of the festival “JaiygFilmFest” in the nomination “Best script”, the film “Kudasha kyz” 2021 year

Владение иностранными языками: English level “Pre-intermediate”