Kozhakova Lyazzat Bilalova

Kozhakova Lyazzat Bilalova

Personal information

Year and date of birth: 12.08.1975.

Was born in the city of Kyzylorda.

Lives in the city of Nur-Sultan.


Make a personal contribution to the development of Cinema, Television, Theater and Fine Arts in Kazakhstan.


1985 – 1990, Member of the editorial Board from 4th to 8th grades, secondary school No. 4 named after S. Seifullin –city of the Kyzylorda.

1985 – 1989, Children’s art school of the city of Kyzylorda, Red Diploma. The topic of the thesis: “Around the campfire”.

1990 – 1994, continued her studies at the N. Gogol Alma-Ata Art College. Alma-Ata. Department “Easel painting”, Workshop of Kalioll Samatovich Akhmetzhanov, member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, ethnographer and weapons expert. Diploma, Specialty – “Teacher of drawing and drawing”, The topic of the thesis: “Betashar”.

1994-1999 – The Kazakh State Institute of Theater and Cinema named T. Zhurgenov, Workshop of  Ersain Abrakhmanov (1946-2001) – Soviet and Kazakh director of documentary and animated films. Specialty – “Director, animator”. She defended her diploma on two topics, the original theme: “Zher shetindegi uy” and the theme: The development of 18 characters for the Kazakh fairy tale “Er Tostik”.

Work experience

1999 After graduation, she started teaching on the recommendation of teachers, mentors, founders of the animation directing school in Kazakhstan: Professor A.A.Haidarov, Dean E.Abdrakhmanov and Associate Professor G.E.Bekishev.

1999-2007 – Senior lecturer in the disciplines: “Drawing”, “Painting”, “Animation Technique”, “Animation Theory”, “Directing” of the Department of “Cinematography”, Faculty of “Cinema and TV”.

2000 – Author of educational and methodological programs in the disciplines: “Special drawing”, “Special painting”, taking into account the specifics of the profession of an animation artist, for training specialists in the specialty “Director, animator”.

2004-2009 – Workshop and curator of directors, animators of the Department of Cinema and TV at the T. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts. The entire issue of which is actively working in this area. The most popular:

1) Abeldinov Adai – Head of the Animation Cinema Department of Kazakhfilm JSC named after Sh.Aimanov, senior lecturer at KazNAI named after T. Zhurgenov, Almaty;

 2) Orazaly Zhanibek – Head of the Association of animation film studios of Kazakhstan, senior lecturer at KazNUI “Shabyt”.

2009 – Senior lecturer, curator, in disciplines: “Theory of advertising”, “Modern types of graphics”, “Advertising and print graphics”, “Elements and processes of graphic design”, “Drawing”, “Painting”, at the Department of “Drawing and Painting” of the Faculty of Graphic Design, private Academy of Business and Fashion “Symbat” (Almaty). Six months.

2005-2012 – Production designer and animator in scientific and educational animated films. “Ernest Rutherford”, “Albert Einstein”, “ILS edutainment” LLP (Almaty)

2014 – 2015 – Teacher of evening courses in the discipline “Spec. Drawing” and “Spec. Painting” is for makeup stylists and fashion designers. Olga Kryukova’s first school of Design and Fashion. (Astana)

2012 – 2019 – Member of the Union of Theatrical Figures of Kazakhstan, Costume Designer, Graphic Designer of printed Theater products, Puppet Master, Prop Artist, Make-up Artist, Astana Puppet Theater.

2019-2020 – Designer of the TV channel “Balapan” at KazTRK “Kazakhstan”. (Astana, Nur-Sultan)

2019-2022 – Senior lecturer of the Department of “Cinema and TV”, for the training of specialists “Directing animated films”, KazNUI “Shabyt”. Workshop and curator of the course, admission 2020

Since the beginning of the academic year, she has been the head of the Department of Film and TV Directing.



Creative works

2001 – Comic book artist on the theme: “Learning to speak Kazakh!”,

The Editorial Board of the Children’s popular children’s Kazakh magazine “Aigolek”.

2003 – 2004 Illustrator for the publication of textbooks.

An animator in the animated video “Almaz”, a private advertising agency “Krokokathus”.

2005 – Head of comics, Cooperation with the printing house “Universal”

2003-2006 – Production designer, animator, background artist in the Animated series “Nyyrshyn”, 2nd, 3rd and 5th series, Animation Studio of Kazakhfilm named after Sh. Aimanov.

2004 – Animator in the music video “Men senemin”

2005 – Animator in the cartoon “Meniki”.

2005 – Director, animator of the New Year’s animated promotional video “SMILE”, Amusement Park “AYA”.

2012 – Character artist in the cartoon “Altyn saka”.

2005-2012 – Production designer and animator in scientific and educational animated films. Ernest Rutherford, Albert Einstein, ILS edutainment LLP.

2012 Production designer, storyboard artist of the first series of the cartoon “Er,Dos, Bi erlikteri” of the TV channel “Balapan”, JSC TRK Kazakhstan.

2013 – Production designer, animator. Social animated video “Fire”, commissioned by the Committee of the Fire Service of Astana,

2013 – Production designer for sock dolls, for the entertainment TV show “FOOTNOTES” Studio “MUKHA” LLP, commissioned by the Agency “Khabar” JSC.

2013 – Costume designer “Doctors storytellers”, IP “Autalipova D.M.”

2013 – Costume designer and make-up artist for the children’s play-musical “The Lion King”, the Astana Puppet Theater.

2014 – Production designer of the cartoon insert, for the children’s educational program “Bilgishter beketi”, at “Bakorda” LLP, commissioned by the Balapan TV channel, JSC TRK Kazakhstan.

2015 – Production designer and animator of the commercial “Lighting, saving!” outsourcing company of the TV channel,

commissioned by JSC Agency “Khabar”.

2016 – The author of the doll “Lamb”, for a humorous program with Zh.Kanbaev, commissioned by JSC Agency “Khabar”.

 2016 – Storyboard artist, comics artist for commercials, private studio “Alemstar”.

2018-2019 – Director of Photography and animation artist for the series of animated excerpts for the films “Sh. Ualikhanov”, “A.Einstein”, “Archimedes”, “Newton”, “Al-Farabi”, outsourcing company for JSC KazTRK “Kazakhstan”.

2018-2019 The author of the dolls of the TV project “Sezim Kalasy”, an outsourcing company for the TV channel “Balapan”, at KazTRK “Kazakhstan”.

Since 2013-2020, he has been the author and performer of various theatrical, image dolls and costumes for various television and creative projects.

2020 Director, mostly animated illustrations for the documentary film screening of the film dedicated to the Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, sculptor H.Nauryzbayev, outsourcing company of KazTRK “Kazakhstan” JSC TV channel.

2021 make-up artist of the TV series “Siqyrly bolme”, outsourcing company for the Balapan TV channel, at KazTRK “Kazakhstan”.

Creative achievements

and awards






















1996 – The first creative works in the genre of cartoons on a social problem were published in the newspapers “Arguments and Facts”, “Ara”, “Bumblebee” (Almaty.)

1997 – participation in the contest of cartoonists on the topic “Human rights”, announced by the Soros Foundation in Kazakhstan, the second prize is a Certificate of participation in the cartoon contest. (1997)

1998 – participation in the exhibition “Human Rights: a second wind” with the animated video “Beggar”, held by the Soros Foundation in Kazakhstan.

1998 – participation in the program dedicated to the Day of laughter (CPC TV channel), as a caricature artist.

1998 – participation in the 2nd Festival of Young Talents in the city of Ljubljana (Republic of Slovenia), sponsored by the Soros Foundation.

1999 – Diploma, for active participation in the festival of student creative youth “Men”, organized at the Institute of Theater and Cinema.

1999 – participation in the International Cartoonists Competition “Aydin Dogan” in Istanbul (Turkey).

1999 – through the Ministry of Culture, she was invited to the cartoon festival in Istanbul (Turkey).

2000 – won a contest in the genre of advertising cartoons, announced by Kazkommertsbank JSC with subsequent cooperation in the field of advertising.

2012 – participation in the tender of the TV channel “Balapan” (at the TRK Kazakhstan), Production designer of the multi-part cartoon “Er,Dos, Bi erlikteri”.

2014 – Letter of thanks for the contribution to the development of culture and theatrical art of the capital of our country, Head of the Department of Culture of Astana B. Mazhagulov.

2014 – Certificate for participation in the 15th republican workshop of theatrical figures of Kazakhstan with the participation of foreign masters on the theme “Artistic design of the performance” Almaty, the Organizing Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and JSC “Foundation for the Spiritual Development of the People of Kazakhstan”.

2017 – Certificate of completion of the Beginner – beginner English course in Samruk Consulting, issued by the Department of Employment and Social Protection of Astana city. Director Umbetalieva Zh.M

2018 – Kurmet gramotasy, for active participation in the field of culture and art, partnership, high professional qualities, conscientious and long-term work, harmonious development and spiritual enrichment of the city of Astana. From the public association “Kazakhstan Branch Professional Union of workers of culture, sports and information”, Chairman S.Imankulova.

2019 – Algys hat, for contribution to the development of the channel country and for fruitful work for quality output of programs, Director of TV channel “Balapan” M. Imabi, Castro at JSC “Kazakhstan”.

2020 Certificate of completion “Innovative educational technologies and didactic models” organized by the ENU named after L. N. Gumilev and Fund-Erasmus+EU programs. G. Nur-Sultan.

2020 – Algys khat, for contribution to the socio-cultural development of KazNUI, Rector A.Musakhadzhayeva.

2020 – Diploma, for the best works submitted to the competition “The best teacher of Independent Kazakhstan-2020”, organized by the Association of Teachers of Kazakhstan, Chairman T.Orazbayev.

2020 – Badge “Uzdik pedagogue”, No. 0888, this certificate was awarded by the decision of the Presidium of the Association of Teachers of Kazakhstan for a significant contribution to the upbringing of the generation and education of the country. Chairman T.Orazbayev.

2021 – Certificates of completion of advanced training courses within the framework of the implementation of academic leadership programs “Priority 2030”, at the S.A. Gerasimov VGIK.

Knowledge of languages


Kazakh (native), Russian (fluently), English (elementary).

Computer skills


Experienced PC user (professional graphics programs: Adobe Photoshop, Cartoon Boom, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere)

Interests and hobbies

History, ethnography, movie, theatre, swimming, badminton, making toys, medicine, parapsychology, astrology, tv shows.

Personal qualities

Responsible, approachable, communicative, conscientious, hard-working, enthusiastic, honest, open-minded, organized, versatile.