Kurmangozhayev Bekbolat Bolatzhanovich

Contact details: e-mail: kurmangozhayev@bk.ru

Academic position: Professor

Education / qualification (year, country, educational institute)

1979 Almaty, Theater Studio of the Academic Drama Theater named M. Auezov, actor;

1996 Kazakhstan, Kazakh State Institute of Theater and Cinema named T.Zhurgenov, theater and film actor;

2011 Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz State Institute of the Arts named B. Beishenaliyeva, directing.

Direction of activity: Theater art (theater directing, theater pedagogy)

Professional activity (work experience, institution, position)

Total labor activity – 45 years

Pedagogical activity – 24 years, university: KAZNUI – professor

Scientific works, publications (for the last 3 years)

Director’s productions:

2017 – Theater Zhastar, J. Kulmambetov “Esaul”, Astana;

2018 – Theater Zhastar, Zh. Omarov “Foal and Pup”, Astana;

2018 – Academic Drama Theater named Zh. Shanin, M. Auezov “Karagoz”, Shymkent;

2019 – Academic Drama Theater named J. Shanin, W. Shakespeare “Hamlet”, Shymkent.

Performed roles:

2018 – Theater Zhastar, A. Kekilbaev “Nartauekel” (Kaldan-Tseren), Astana;

2019 – Theater Zhastar, M. Auezov “Ayman – Sholpan” (Kotibar), Astana.

Advanced training: “Music Foundation”, certificate No. 04-158, 2019, 40 hours

Progress: Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Badge Y. Altynsarin


Graduates: Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan – E. Malayev, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, State Prize Laureate – A. Nogerbek, etc .;

Students graduated in 2000: the founders of the Musical Drama Theater named S. Mukanov, Petropavlovsk, North-Kazakhstan region;

Students graduated in 2003: the founders of the Musical Drama Theater named N.Zhanturin, Aktau;

And also other graduates work in regional theaters of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Foreign language proficiency: English (with dictionary)

Additional information:

Stage director of the Theater Zhastar, Astana;

Broadcasting Company of the President – the announcer of scoring films;

Actor of dubbing TV channels as Khabar, Kazakhstan, Astana, 7 Chanel and Aray Media Group.