Meiramov Tlektes Uakhitovich

Academic position: teacher

Academic degree: professor of  Higher Attestation Commission,  People’s Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Education, classification: higher.

1971 – Institute of Arts. Kurmangazy.  Specialty – “theater and film actor”.

2016  – Institute of Arts.  B. Beishenalieva.  Republic of Kyrgyzstan.  specialty – “directing”.

Direction of activity – theater art

Professional activity:

1971-1989 – Academic Drama Theater.  M. Auezova – actor

1989-1990 – Head of the Theater Department of the Ministry of Culture of Kazakhstan 

1990-2001 – Academic Drama Theater named after  M. Auezova – actor

2001 – 2007 – the Academic Theater for Children and Youth named after  Musrepova – Director – Artistic Director

2007-2011 – theater Zhastar Astana – artistic director

2007 – present  – Kazakh National University of Arts – teacher

Part-time work:

1973-1984 – teacher of the studio at the theater.  M. Auezova

1984 – 2007 – Academy of Arts.  T. Zhurgenova – teacher

Scientific works, publications, publications: Approaches to the profession (method. Manual)

Further training – Academy of Arts.  T. Zhurgenova (72 hours)


1993 – prize “Best Actor” for the role of Shyngys-khan in spectacle “Shyngyskhan” (autor I. Orazbaev)

2004 “Best Actor” for the role of Karabai in spectacle Kozy Korpesh – Bayan Sulu (author G. Musrepov)

2012 – “the best male role” – for the role of Hazret in spectacle  “The Tragedy of the Poet” (author G. Musrepov)


Abay A. – “Best Actress” – Olympiad.  Almaty

Abenova A. – “Best Actress in a Supporting Role” – Olympiad.  Almaty

Aldongarov D. – “the best plastic solution” of the Olympiad.  Almaty

Yerikov T. – “Best Actor” – TTT Festival.  the city of Karaganda.

Abay A. – “actors sing” – Kazakh national university of Arts.  Astana

Foreign language proficiency: Russian.

Additionally information:

Starred in the films “Silver Horn Alatau”, “Goodbye, Beauty”, “Shooter Humuchi” (together with Mongolfilm) – dir. V. Pusurmanov, 

“Zheruyyk” – dir. S. Tauekel, 

“Zhauzhurek myn bala” – dir.  A. Sataev, “Kazakh Khandygy” – dir. R. Abdrashev, “When the angels sleep” – dir. R. Suleimenov.

Translated into the Kazakh language the plays of A. Gelman “Alone with Everyone”, N. Abdulloev “Two”, I. Vovnyanko “The Death of a Stripper” . Staged I. Esenberlin’s novel “Lovers”, S. Aitmatov “And the Day Lasts Longer Than a Century”, novel R. Otarbaev’s “Apocalypse”, a story by O’Henry’s  “The Leader of the Redskins”, a novel-epic of M. Auezov “The Way of Abai” for television.

  1. Meiramov is the first Kazakh actor who turned to the solo performance genre.  Over the years, he performed the tragedy of G. Musrepov “Akan seri-Aktokty”, the novel by R. Seisenbaev “Front Songs”, a story by N.V.Gogol’s “Notes of a Madman”, solo performance “Woe from Wit” based on plays by W. Shakespeare, A. Griboedov, G. Musrepov.

Member of the jury of many national and international festivals, competition of readers named after  O. Bokey.