Mosienko Dina Maratovna


Academic position: Senior lecturer of the Department of Musicology and Composition

Academic degree: Candidate of Art History

Education/qualification: 2003, Gnessin Russian Academy of Music / musicologist, teacher of music-theoretical disciplines; 2016, postgraduate course of the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music / researcher. Teacher-researcher

Field of activity: scientific and pedagogical

Professional activity: Kazakh National Academy of Music, 1999; Kazakh National University of Arts, 2010

Scientific works, publications:

And I’m a composer! (together with Kasparov Y.S. and Povalyashko G.N.). M., 2014. – 200 p.

Vladimir Tebenikhin. Service to Music / author-comp. Astana, 2015– – 200 p.

Kazakh musical theater: the history of formation. M., 2017. – 384 p.

Jazz harmony assignments. Astana, 2017– – 50 p.

Collection of control and test tasks in the disciplines of the musical and theoretical cycle (together with Lukyanova R.V. and Myltykbaeva M.Sh.). Astana, 2018.

Methodological recommendations for writing a thesis (together with G.T. Alpeisova). Astana, 2019. 20 p .

Kazakh opera: history and future // “Opera in musical theater: history and modernity”: materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference. Moscow, 2019. pp. 30-37. Together with Abdinurov A.K.

Author of a number of journalistic materials in the Kazakh, Russian and Belarusian press.

Foreign language proficiency: English.


Member of the Union of Composers of the Russian Federation.


Ermakalieva Sabina. Winner in the nomination “Best Interview” of the IV Open Regional Competition of works on music criticism and journalism named after I.I. Sollertinsky (NGK named after M. Glinka), 2019.