Mussakhojayeva Saule

Mussakhojayeva Saule

Contact details:

Academic position: lecturer

Academic degree: PhD

Education / qualification: highest

Direction of activity: musicology

Professional activity: pedagogy

Scientific works, publications (for the last 3 years):

  1. Opera “Abay” by A. Zhubanov and L. Hamidi: spiritual and ethical basis of composers’ co-authorship Science and life of Kazakhstan. Nursultan, No. 5/1, 2020 – P.361–367
  2. Opera “Kyz-Zhibek” by Evgeny Brusilovsky: the evolution of the musical text in the history of productions // Bulletin of KazNU. Al-Farabi, Culturology and Political Science series. Almaty, No. 1 (67), 2019 – P. 30–42
  3. Kazakh opera classics in the productions of the theater “Astana Opera” Materials of the first international scientific conference “Opera in the musical theater: History and Modernity”. Moscow, 2019, November 11–15. – P.354–367
  4. Production of the opera “Birzhan and Sara” by M. Tulebaev by the Astana Opera / / “Art, science and technology in the educational space: problems and prospects”. Materials of the international scientific and practical conference. Ufa (Bashkortostan), April 5-10, 2021, p. 45-50

Advanced training: 1. “Digital technologies in education: tools of a modern teacher” (36 hours);

  1. “Distance learning in organizations of technical and vocational, post-secondary education: from creating content to organizing the educational process” (36 hours).

Laureates: Tussenova Bates, Umirbekova Gaukhar – laureates of the Republican Olympiad in musical and theoretical disciplines among performers of the bachelor’s degree in 2021

Foreign language proficiency: Russian, Kazakh, English