Shalgimbayava Ayagul Karimzhankizi

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Academic position – Teacher

Education / Qualification:

2001-2006 – Children’s Art School of Astana

2008-2012 – Karaganda Humanitarian College (Honors) qualification «Design Master», specialty «Design» (by profile)

2013-2018 – Kazakh National University of Arts, degree «Bachelor of Arts» (Honors),

specialty «Scenography of grim of theater, cinema and TV»

2018-2020 – Kazakh National University of Arts, Qualification: Master in Sculpture

Professional activity:

From 2018 to the present – a Lecturer at the Department of Scenography and Decorative Arts, Kazakh National University of Arts, Nur-Sultan

2018 – Make-up artist at the NOMAD Comedy Theater

2018 – Lecturer at the Kazakh National University of Arts.

2017-2018 – Make-up artist at the Zhastar Theater

2016-2017 – Make-up artist at the Astana Opera and Astana Ballet under short-term contracts.

Scientific activity:

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Reconstruction of warrior’s sculpture figure based on researching materials of archaeological excavations in Kazakhstan    

Batumi Art State Teaching University Student International Conference



Shalgimbayava A. K.



Image’s reconstruction based on a craniological materials


Master’s Readings – 2020 dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of Al-Farabi and the 175th anniversary of Abay


Shalgimbayava A. K.


Nomads as a reserve civilization

IX Boranbaev readings: Problems of ensuring the quality of education in a continuous system of art education. In honor of the celebration of the 1150th anniversary of Al-Farabi and the 175th anniversary of Abay


Shalgimbayava A. K.


Legacy of the Kazakh Altai

Zhuassov  readings – 23, dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the city of Karaganda


Shalgimbayava A. K.


Golden heritage of Kazakhstan

VIII-E Boranbaev readings: Modernization of historical consciousness as a leading vector of art education in the global world. Devoted to the year of youth’s clothing



Shalgimbayava A. K.


2019 – Kazakhstan MBF makeup and hairstyle festival

2018 – Organization of the action “NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM”

2016 – Competition “Masks Show”

2015 – Competition “Watercolors”

2015 – International festival “Designer fashion house international” dedicated to the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate nomination Bobi-art

2015 – Theater Day Masks Competition

2014 – Creative practice with Italian makeup masters (State Opera and Ballet Theater “Astana Opera” – premiere of the opera “Aida”)

2014-2015-Exhibition of Watercolor Shabyt

2014-Installation of Art Splash

2014-Delphic Games in Astana (bronze medal)

2013-2014-International Festival of Creative Youth Festival

2013 – City Scientific Conference

2011 contest “Creative youth of Karaganda. Body art »

2010- Delphic Games of the city of Karaganda (1 place)

2010 – Contest among talented youth for the Daryn Prize (2nd place)

2009-2010 – contest “City and Design”


Palace of Peace and Concord” makeup artist of the musical Romeo and Juliet 2017

Exhibition EXPO2017, a show in the Amphitheater with the project “Symphony of the steppe”

Feature film “Stolen Scenes”

Promotion “Night at the Museum” 2018

“Zholayryk” series, Bozok film, commissioned by Kazakhstan TV channel

A series of social videos dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abay Kunanbayev

Nonprofit Short Film

Foreign Languages: English – pre-intermediate