Tapenov Daulet Tursynkhanuly

Tapenov Daulet Tursynkhanuly

Contact information: daulet_tapenov@mail.ru   87756314070


Academic activity: Teacher


Academic degree: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Master of Art History.


Education / qualifications:

  • Kazakh National University of Arts (Bachelor’s Degree 2011-2015)
  • Kazakh National University of Arts (Master’s Degree 2015-2017)
  • Kazakh National University of Arts (Doctoral degree 2017-2020)


Field of activity: Scientific and pedagogical.


Professional activity: (work experience, institution, position)

  • Orchestra of Folk Instruments (orchestra artist) of the Semipalatinsk City Philharmonic named after A.Kashaubayev (2009-2011)
  • Kazakh National University of Arts (lecturer of the Dombra PCC) (2016-2018)
  • Kazakh National University of Arts (lecturer of the Dombra Department) (since 2018)


Scientific works, publications:

  • Master’s thesis “Musical relations of the Kazakh and Turkmen people” (2017)
  • Tapenov D. T. Issues of modern training of a dombrist at a university / Culture and art: traditions and modernity: material of the VIII International Scientific and Practical Conference / ed. Baskakova N.I. / BOW IN “CHGIKI” of the Ministry of Culture of Chuvashia. Cheboksary: Poster, 2020. – pp. 44-53
  • Khusainova G. A., Tapenov D. T., Kozhebaev D. E. Müsical dombıra bilimi: Eğtim Imkanları ve beklentileri Turan №42 Akademık ilim fikir ve medeniyet dergisi 12 dönem 2020 – – Istanbul, 2020. – 99-110
  • Khusainova G. A., Tapenov D. T., Kozhebaev D. E., Zhumasheva A. E. Actualization of local lore competence in the process of teaching a musicologist at a university / Problems of music science / Music scholarship, 2021, No. 1 / Ed. Shaimukhametova L. N. – Ufa, 2021. – pp. 203-212
  • Khusainova G. A., Taranov D. T., Zaymogly O. Strategy of formation of professional competencies in the process of training dombrist students at the university / Bulletin of Toraighyrov University. Pedagogy Series, 2021, No. 3. – Pavlodar, 2021. – pp. 345-357.
  • PhD thesis “Preparation of dombyrist students at the university: theory and practice” (2022)



Laureate of republican competitions.

  • International Festival “Shabyt” (3rd place 2009)
  • XXXI Republican Contest of Young Performers (2nd place 2010)
  • Oskenbayev Republican Contest (3rd place 2008)